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    :: Friday, August 05, 2005 ::

    via email
    To: All Canada Locals, District and Regional Councils

    From: U.B.C. General President candidate TOM LEWANDOWSKI


    Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

    As the current administration continues to strive toward corporate unionism and the continuing of corporate style mergers, Canada is holding their own AND making gains in the area of worker's rights. Canada is directed by a different set of labor laws than those of the contiguous United States. The past few years have shown greater differences in attitudes toward labor between our neighbors to the North and the rest of North America.

    We have seen Brothers and Sisters in British Columbia withdraw from the U.B.C. over differences in member's rights and how member's dues are spent. The time has come to grant the Locals and Regional Councils of Canada your autonomy. We need to look at having a different affiliation with you, our Brothers and Sisters North of the border.

    And what would that relationship be? Canada would be an AFFILIATED but SEPARATE entity that has your own officers and collects and spends your own monies. You would be a SEPARATE BUT EQUAL union of carpenters, millwrights, industrial, shop and other represented workers. This is restoring the original ideals of our founder Peter J. McGuire. He was dedicated to the principles of everyone belonging to a union and everyone having self-direction. With the differences between Canadian and U.S. labor laws it is time to let YOU have the self-direction and self-determination that you DESERVE. To continue on the course that we are on today would simply set up more opportunities for disharmony and fracture within the U.B.C.

    TOM LEWANDOWSKI says, "this pledge is consistent with our goal to restore the member's rights and to restore Local Union sovereignty. It is paramount that we are successful in keeping this pledge. We must do this in order to maintain credibility with the public, and the most important people, the dues-paying members, and even our employers. The RESTORE THE VOTE slate will strive to make this happen!"

    In Solidarity,

    Contact MEMBERS TO ELECT LEW at: 815-985-4573 or
    Email: lewgo.1@netzero.net
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