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    :: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 ::

    Alberta, Canada experiencing economic boom, needs unskilled workers - Workpermit.com, UK
    Average weekly income is growing at more than four times the pace of only three years ago, due to nearly zero slack in the availability of new workers. Skill shortages remain prevalent, while the province attracts workers largely from Saskatchewan and Ontario. Worker in-flows are inadequate to meet this need, and international labour pools face Canadian immigration targets currently set too low to compensate fully.

    Canada: Unions look to plug into hot economy - By Laura Severs,Business Edge
    'Despite continental economic integration, one in every three Canadian workers is still covered by a collective agreement, more than double the proportion in the U.S., and union membership as a share of the workforce is now not far below the level of many continental European countries and exceeds that in the United Kingdom,' the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) says in a 2006 report, Rowing Against the Tide: The Struggle to Raise Union Density in a Hostile Environment.

    Skilled trades rich alternative - London Free Press - Editorials
    Contributing to the skilled worker shortage is failure to attract enough women. Ferguson says sheer physical strength is no longer required in many jobs. Machines are operated with electronic switches controlled by the fingers. But many women steer clear because they fear child-care commitments will negate their ability to work long hours, often required in construction.

    The industry needs to find away to accommodate women in its ranks and attract more workers of both sexes to keep construction booming.
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