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    :: Saturday, October 08, 2005 ::

    Labor practitioners predict a surge in union activity - By Tracy L. Moon Jr., guest column, Gainesville Times, GA
    Bernstein also foresees an increase in more aggressive organizing tactics, including a resort to "corporate campaigns" in which unions single out a targeted employer for coordinated pressure tactics that rely upon media exposure, boycotts and political attacks.

    "The best advice for employers" Bernstein said, is to "take a closer look at their own practices and procedures to confirm that they are in line with area and industry standards, and more importantly, to ensure that they are providing employees with avenues to voice concerns internally.

    blog note: so I go to the website mentioned at the bottom of the page above and find this under "What We Do"
    Union Avoidance

    The presence of a union intent upon organizing an employer's workforce is a frightening prospect to most employers. We offer expert advice regarding avoiding union activity, as well as coping with the early and ongoing signs of union organizing. Often, an employee attitude survey will make the employer better aware of the possibility of union organizing efforts and will help identify areas of concern to employees that a union might use to its advantage.

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