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    :: Monday, January 30, 2006 ::

    Squeezing the Work Force, Remaking Unions in the Workers' Image - By Charles Sullivan, OpEdNews.Com via InfoshopNews
    The decline of labor unions is two fold. Business, with the aide of the commercial media, has been enormously successful in portraying unions as the culprit of the mass exodus of American jobs to other countries. The claim is that union wages increase the cost of products so much that American companies cannot compete in the global market. This is nothing more than propaganda. Corporate profits, especially CEO salaries, increase whenever cheaper sources of labor are found. Remember that corporate profits are soaring. The real culprit responsible for the exportation of jobs is corporate greed. The pervasive exportation of jobs adversely affects the work force globally by driving down wages, and creating the deplorable working conditions known as sweat shops.
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    Keep the faith, brother. We must all take up the fight that our grandfathers did. A world without unions is a world of misery. ANY neocons wanting a return to "the good old days" are welcome to donate their income to their closest union hall, live a life of squallor, living on "competative wages" and working 20 hours a day 365 days a year. Me I support the right of workers to refuse to work for less than they are worth. Let the CEO's of these large multi-nationals EARN! their money with their own two hands, then maybe I will stop thinking of them as freeloaders.
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