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    :: Friday, June 09, 2006 ::

    CUPE's Jewish problem - Naomi Lakritz, The Calgary Herald
    So, has CUPE Ontario hammered out any good collective agreements lately? Settled its members' grievances satisfactorily? Organized downtrodden workers? Or is the union too busy denouncing Jews for defending themselves against terrorism to be bothered doing what unions are supposed to do?

    After CUPE Ontario voted last weekend to join an international boycott against Israel, its president, Sid Ryan, said, 'This is not an attack on Jewish people.'

    Yes, and some of your best friends are Jewish. Right, Sid? C'mon, let's see how many patronizing cliches you can trot out.
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    I think what they have done, shows their lack of understanding as to the events, in the Middle East. Now their leader will try to further justify this acton by giving only her verson of the story to the membership. I can't wait for CUPE, to boycott,CANADA for their treatment of the native people. Maybe they could start by refusing to cash their pay cheques.
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