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    :: Monday, June 05, 2006 ::

    Why Sweeney Should Resign As President of the AFL-CIO-1 - The first of three articles by Harry Kelber
    The only way we can get some idea of what Sweeney is thinking and doing is to go to his column on the AFL-CIO website or where he issues press statements about what he regards as important. Can anyone think of anything inspiring that Sweeney has said or done in recent years? Well, he wrote a book (actually had it written for him), with the profound observation in the title, “America Needs a Raise!” After seven years of trying, Sweeney hasn’t figured out how to win even a federal minimum pay raise.

    Stern Captures Media Attention; Sweeney in the Shadows

    While the mainstream media won’t give Sweeney the right time of day, they’re falling all over themselves to provide a forum for Andy Stern, the president of the Service Employees International Union and the key figure in Change-to-Win, the AFL-CIO’s rival. Stern had an entire segment of “60 Minutes,” a Sunday CBS program seen by millions, to tell how he was going to rescue the middle class from its current plight and restore the “American Dream” to the nation’s workers and their families. And he’d also find time to take on the Democratic Party.
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